Cannabis or marijuana as it is popularly known was once cultivated all over the United States of America. Many people accepted cannabis as a medical drug and used it to cure many diseases. Until the twentieth-century marijuana was cultivated and approved for medical purposes, then it was criminalised and made illegal. Most people think that cannabis was made illegal as it had bad effects on our body, but it has a different story to it.

The growth of Hemp and Marijuana:

During the 1600s marijuana and hemp were cultivated widely all over America, and they were even exported to England. Hemp and marijuana were used to make rope and fibre. They were also used for various medical purposes.

During the 1850s marijuana was even distributed to the public in all American pharmacies. It was used for curing conditions such as headaches, mental disorders, cholera, insomnia, loss of appetite etc. During the nineteenth century, cannabis was even made into a liquid and was sold at drug stores.

Smoking marijuana:

During the early 1900s when Mexicans entered Texas, they also brought in their culture of smoking marijuana in pipes and cigarettes for medicinal purpose. Americans have never used cannabis by smoking it and were completely unaware of it. As Mexicans called it marihuana they thought it was a different plant.

The Americans did not like the immigration of the Mexicans, and they were finding new ways to send them back, so they said Mexicans were disruptive by smoking marihuana. There were many other false accusations against the Mexicans, and it was said that smoking pod had become quite popular among the middle-class people.

The president at that time, Franklin D. Roosevelt encouraged the restrictions that were put on marijuana, and the Marijuana Tax Act was passed in the year 1937. The American Medical Association even argued in support of marijuana, but they were ignored.


Hemp industry was threatened:

While many people believe that the Mexicans were the reason on why marijuana was made illegal there were other reasons too. Few historians believed that the growth of the marijuana business was threatening people who were in the hemp industry business. It is said that people in the Hemp business started aggressive crusades against the usage of marijuana and they even published false stories about the use of cannabis in the newspaper. They made people believe that cannabis was a life-threatening drug.

Prohibition of Cannabis:

During the year 1968, college students started smoking pod, and the presidential campaign was going on at that time. The Presidential candidate at that time, Richard Nixon promised to bring about law and order in the country, and when he was elected as the President of the United States of America, he passed the controlled substance Act which made cannabis illegal and this law is still in place even today.